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Design and Simulation of  Semiconductor Process Laboratory


Journal Articles

  • Shui-Yang Lien, Po-Chen Lin, Wen-Ray Chen, Chuan-Hsi Liu, Po-Wen Sze, Na-Fu Wang, Chien-Jung Huang, “Improving Optoelectrical Properties of PEDOT: PSS by Organic Additive and Acid Treatment”, Crystals, 12 (2022) 537.

  • Shui-Yang Lien, Pin-Jia Lai, Wen-Ray Chen, Chuan-Hsi Liu, Po-Wen Sze, Chien-Jung Huang, “The Annealing Effect at Different Temperatures for Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Quantum Dots”, Crystals, 12 (2022) 204.

  • Kuan-Wei Lee, Chuan-Hsi Liu, Durga Misra, “Editorial: Wide Bandgap Materials for Semiconductor Devices”, Microelectronics Reliability, 91 (2018) 306.

  • Chuan-Hsi Liu, Chun-Hu Cheng, Chin-Pao Cheng, Juin J. Liou, “Editorial: IEDMS 2016”, Microelectronics Reliability, 83 (2018) 207.

  • Chang-Chun Lee, Chuan-Hsi Liu, Dian-Yong Li, Chia-Ping Hsieh, “Effect of contact-etch-stop-layer and Si1-xGex channel mechanical properties on nano-scaled short channel NMOSFETs with dummy gate arrays”, Microelectronics Reliability, 83 (2018) 230.

  • Chang-Chun Lee, Yen-Ting Kuo, Chuan-Hsi Liu, “Interaction influence of S/D GeSi lattice mismatch and stress gradient of CESL on nano-scaled strained nMOSFETs”, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 70 (2017) 254.

  • Shea-Jue Wang, Mu-ChunWang, Shuang-Yuan Chen, Wen-How Lan, Bor-Wen Yang, L.S. Huang, Chuan-Hsi Liu, “Heat stress exposing performance of deep-nano HK/MG nMOSFETs using DPN or PDA treatment”, Microelectronics Reliability, 55 (2015) 2203.

  • K.C. Lin, P.C. Juan, C.H. Liu, M.C.Wang, C.H. Chou, “Leakage current mechanism and effect of Y2O3 doped with Zr high-K gate dielectrics”, Microelectronics Reliability, 55 (2015) 2198.

  • Chang-Chun Lee, Chuan-Hsi Liu, Hsien-Chie Cheng, Rong Hao Deng, “Structural Optimizations of Silicon Based NMOSFETs with a Sunken STI Pattern by Using a Robust Stress Simulation Methodology”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 15 (2015) 2179.

  • Piyas Samanta, Heng-Sheng Huang, Shuang-Yuan Chen, Chuan-Hsi Liu, Li-Wei Cheng, “Positive bias temperature instability in p-type metal-oxide-semiconductor devices with HfSiON/SiO2 gate dielectrics”, Journal of Applied Physics, 115 (2014) 074502.

  • Mu-Chun Wang, Heng-Sheng Huang, Min-Ru Peng, Shea-Jue Wang, Tsao-Yeh Chen, Wen-Shiang Liao, Hsin-Chia Yang, Chuan-Hsi Liu, “Punch-through and junction breakdown characteristics for uniaxial strained nano-node metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors on (100) wafers”, International Journal of Materials and Product Technology, 49 (2014) 25.

  • H. W. Hsu, H. S. Huang, C. C. Lee, S. Y. Chen, H. H. Teng, M. R. Peng, M. C. Wang, C. H. Liu, “Comparison of NMOSFET and PMOSFET Devices That Combine CESL Stressor and SiGe Channel”, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 13 (2013) 8127.

  • H.W. Hsu, K.C. Lin, C.C. Lee, M.J. Twu, H.S. Huang, S.Y. Chen, M.R. Peng, H.H. Teng, C.H. Liu, “Phenomena of n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistors with contact etch stop layer stressor for different channel lengths”, Thin Solid Films, 544 (2013) 120.

  • P.C. Juan, C.H. Liu, C.L. Lin, F.C. Mong, J.H. Huang, “The effect of ZrN antidiffusion capping layer on the electrical and physical properties of metal-gate/ZrN/Zr-graded Dy2O3/Si MIS nanolaminated structures”, Microelectronic Engineering, 109 (2013) 172.

  • Pi-chun Juan, Cheng-li Lin, Chuan-hsi Liu, Chun-heng Chen, Yin-ku Chang, Ling-yen Yeh, “Temperature-dependent current conduction of metal-ferroelectric (BiFeO3)-insulator (ZrO2)-Silicon capacitors for nonvolatile memory applications”, Thin Solid Films, 539 (2013) 360.

  • H.W. Hsu, H.S. Huang, H.W. Chen, C.P. Cheng, K.C. Lin, S.Y. Chen, M.C. Wang, C.H. Liu, “Time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB) characteristics of metal–oxide–semiconductor capacitors with HfLaO and HfZrLaO ultra-thin gate dielectrics”, Solid-State Electronics, 77 (2012) 2.

  • Chuan-Hsi Liu, Hung-Wen Hsu, Hung-Wen Chen, Pi-Chun Juan, Mu-Chun Wang, Chin-Po Cheng, Heng-Sheng Huang, “Reliability characteristics of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with 0.72 nm equivalent-oxide-thickness LaO/HfO2 stacked gate dielectrics”, Microelectronic Engineering, 89 (2012) 15.

  • Chuan-Hsi Liu, Pi-Chun Juan, Yi-Hsien Chou, Hung-Wen Hsu, “The effect of lanthanum (La) incorporation in ultra-thin ZrO2 high-j gate dielectrics”, Microelectronic Engineering, 89 (2012) 2.

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  • Mu-Chun Wang, Chuan-Hsi Liu, Kuo-Shu Huang, Zhen-Ying Hsieh, Shuang-Yuan Chen, Hsin-Chia Yang, Chii-Ruey Lin, “Promoting of charged-device model/electrostatic discharge immunity in the dicing saw process”, Microelectronics Reliability, 50 (2010) 839.

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